Dark Desires

The darkness of the night
Restless stirrings of
Prowling through the streets
The night fills my soul
Danger all around 
Dark and Evil, 
Conniving spirits
Soar in the night's air
Entering my soul
Killing all the good
The haunting song-
Of darkness plays 
Weeping songs
Forbidden sirens play
Calling me into despair
Nightfall comes
In my soul; 
Wild shadows creep along- 
Consuming me-
A primitive abandonment aroused-
Lustful desires emerge deep inside-
Dark passion-
Free desire-
Reckless and uncaring deeds -
Inside my body;
Through my mind;
Converging with the darkness-
Emerging in the light 
Bewildered by dark deeds 
Laid out in the night;
A lost soul walking through the day
Waiting for her darkness to return
Coming down from evil deeds-
Living in the night

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