Puck and Arielle Collide

What would happen if Puck and Ariel met in an unexpected encounter? Defining their roles as male and female is what leads to this short creation of a wild meeting between two mystical characters. This is what happens when a high strong spirit collides with an ill-behaved sprite.

Setting: Puck and Arielle arrive at Kate and Petruchio’s home before the return from Bianca’s wedding.

Puck: How now fair spirit? Why come’st though to this home?

Arielle: Watch thy tone with me nimble sprite. Question me not as to why I enter this abode.

Puck: Fiery and stormy I gather you will show me how thy tempest is created?

Arielle: Dost thou take me for a fool to play such silly games with a woodland tool.

Puck: Thou dost surely need this tool to calm thy storm.

Arielle: And thou must need a storm to wash away your foul intentions

Winds start to blow vigorously through the house Puck tumbles and climbs on the chandelier and begins to swing and sway.

Puck: If only thy winds were fast enough to catch me.
You want to embrace me in your storm I see…

Arielle: You mischievous fool

                                  Stronger winds blow through the house as Puck is moving to the tallest points in the home.

I will not be distressed by your haughty words.

                                                                                                                                             Winds suddenly stop

If thou were a better sprite-
My winds would gently caress thy face-
But since thou finds pleasurable delight in mischievous play
Every time you wreak havoc
Watch and feel how the rain falls upon your flesh
And know that I am right atop your body.

Puck stumbling out the window springing from tree top to tree top nimble and quick trying to escape the tempest.

Puck: Ooooo (laughter)
Idle threats do me no harm.

Enter Petruchio and Kate. They are standing in their doorway, looks of astonishment on their faces as they see the disastrous scene in their home. Chairs have fallen over, the tapestries throughout were out of place and appeared to be wet. The windows shutters were open, and the chandelier was swinging vigorously as if a storm has swept through their home.

Setting: Pucks home: The woods in Athens

Meanwhile; in the woods of Athens,  perched in a very old tree Puck straddles on a branch, laying forward with his hand against his face. He has a sullen expression of annoyance on his face, as he has been drenched by a constant storm that follows him around. The storm; Arielle, has spent her time following him around, soaking him with continuous rainfall. Her waters follow him around and continue to wet him. His once beautiful toga made out of leaves, flowers, and vines has become a soppy, sagging garment.

Arielle: Thou are mischievous, nimble, and agile,
With a cunning smile and playful heart
But never forget
That I-
I am, the winds that blow in the night,
The tide pushing and pulling the waves,
The rain that falls upon your head, alone.
I warned you.
But thou did not head my warning,
And now you sit on this tree soggy and sad.
I will undo what I have done
But mind you dear sprite
My temper is quick-
my winds are fierce.
Only a fool would test the waters so fiercely.
Let this be punishment enough.
I will calm thy storm.
Now you may love me instead.

Puck: Aye, you have not punished me enough playful spirit
But I am pleased you will drown me no more.
My woodland tools are yours for now.
Come, my stormy spirit
Into the night woods;
To create mischief through the thickets.

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