I Can’t Remember

I can’t remember if I said, “Hello!”
But I know I said, “Goodbye!”

I countered all your lies with stories of the times.
You told me once, I asked you twice
It never equal out.

And the I left, I walked away.
I will not hear your lies.
You said, “Don’t go.”
I said, “Next time please don’t lie.”

I know it all.

You and her-
“I know it all.”
The last words I said to you.

I packed my bags and left you there.
I walked away brand new.

Those words you said I heard them all-

I can’t remember everything;
But I will always recall those lies.

I hope the next one doesn’t learn the truth of all your lies.
I hope she doesn’t feel the pain of your betrayal in her heart.
I hope that you can really learn to really love just one.


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