Her Eyes

In her eyes
The sadness hid
If you looked hard enough
You could see
The unresolved pain that lingered
Somewhere inside
The daily struggles she’s endured
The tears that are held back
Occasionally, they overflow.

In her eyes she hid her life,
She covered it in sin
While smiling for the world at large.

Beyond her eyes; a mystery
You never knew
Of the secret misery

The pain she felt
She hid it well
Veiling herself

It spilled over here and there
But quickly she
Contained it all again

Put it away
Held it inside

Captivate the world

It wasn’t that she didn’t feel
She was just too numb from it all

No one cared enough to see into that pain
No cared enough to look
Deep inside her eyes.

Behind her eyes
She hid the torment
Smiling through it all

If she let you look into her eyes
You just might catch a glimpse
Of what she hides so well

A fragile little girl
Who was broken down by life
And beat up by hurt

The woman whose wings were tied down
A woman who broke free into the world

A woman who discovered the value of life
A woman who learned her self-worth
With a confident stride
A phoenix born again
From the flames that consumed her

Inside her eyes
If you tried to look hard enough
You can see the world she’s made

When you look inside
Past the mirrored gaze
Beyond the looking glass
Inside her very soul.


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