Pen Pals

Let’s start writing letters again. We should write, not type an email, but write a letter etched with sentiment, thoughts and statements.

A handwritten letter that tells tales of life and events that happened as interpreted by a mind. I can’t recall the last time some one sent me a letter penned by their own hand…

16 years ago my friend moved away. She moved to Texas and we would write letters to stay in touch. We didn’t have cell phones with texting or easy access to Internet (remember Dial-up). So we wrote letters back and forth, I looked forward to those letters.

The excitement of receiving mail and anxiously awaiting its arrival. I remember  deciphering the handwriting and then formulating my thoughts for the response.

Why don’t we write letters anymore?
Why don’t we engage with people on an emotional level anymore?
It takes a lot more effort to write a letter than to type sup? hey or WYD?

I guess no one is worth the effort anymore. It seems as though technology has dulled our senses, stifled our imagination and hindered our ability to wait for a response. This is a travesty, well in my mind it is.

Have you ever talked to someone and realized that nothing is coming out of their mouth. Their words just spew forth, filled with superficial, shallow and neutral commentary that expresses nothing at all. I find myself at odds sometimes trying to fit in to a world that has lost meaning and strives for instant gratification. I find solace and comfort when I am alone with my thoughts, in a thoughtless world.

I find that I want an old fashioned pen pal to pen a response.


2 thoughts on “Pen Pals

    1. I would say we could write letters but I rather prefer speaking to you because you make me laugh! I don’t want to wait for the mail to laugh. 🙂


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