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And so it ended…
Those words still rang inside.
As the audience made their way through the exit doors
The lobby is full
As patrons explore –

I find a spot
To sit back and just watch.

Look around
Watch what they do.

The same moment of time
Each living their own.

That girl over there by the coffee…
she’s alone-
Searching for companions –
She sees an old friend-
Her glowing smile it grows.

She walks over to him-
They talk for a bit;
Then her smile it fades
As more girls start to appear.

Then I see that one boy, that the girls love to spot;
Oh how they flock to his presence in awe
One girl; two girls; three girls
Are ogling- god
Playing with their hair and batting their eyes;
He flashes a smile
They all melt inside…
One girl; two girls; three girls in awe.

I Sit back and I laugh-
I’ve seen it all.

That girl and guy.
The cutest thing all night.
Simple and round with a honest good smile-
The girl
Intriguing with porcelain ivory skin –
Reddish brown
With her ponytail and bangs-
Both of them together made a cute number 10.
They talked to each other
And laughed right out loud
They just looked at each other-
With love in their eyes.

Then I blink-

Back to my reality-

Just looking around.

There was the stud,
That lost girl,
And the number 10.

Everyone else, and me by myself…


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