The Typewriter 

The ease of typing on a computer  a click of a button, the movement of a mouse editing is done and thoughts are changed. Computers have made writing  impersonal, an easy task.

I recently just purchased a typewriter, I found it while wandering through a thrift shop. The excitement of finding the golden ticket entered my soul; this sounds corny but it’s true. I paid my money and walked out with my new found treasure. 

I brought it home and my children both said, “Is that a typewriter?” I responded, “Yea! I found it at the thrift shop.” “That’s so cool can we use it?” All of this excitement for an antiquated piece of machinery; who would have thought in a world full of gadgets and gizmos, doohickeys and thingamajigs this old fashioned device would provide my home with a new type of inspiration. 

I began typing out a short story  and  quickly realized how difficult this was. Typing on a typewriter requires patience, diligence, persistence and time. Inserting the paper, deleting letters manually to fix a mistake. 

This piece of machinery, this clunky, loud noisy machine has given me a new found inspiration and respect for writers before me. I imagine Ray Bradbury writing my favorite book Farenheit 451 on a typewriter in the library and realize how dedicated he was to his craft. 

The time, the effort, the countless hours of editing, and effort needed to complete a piece of work, but there’s something refreshing and invigorating about the click, click ding of the typewriter. 

3 thoughts on “The Typewriter ”

  1. I imagine one really had to outline and gather their thoughts to write a novel on a typewriter! We are blessed to live in times where these things are simpler, but I wonder if it affects quality…perhaps one day I’ll try writing on a typewriter–or even handwriting!

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  2. I remember when CACLV had a typewriter and one of the ladies in fiscal was using it even with technology being so advanced I think it’s awesome we can still utilize something such as a typewriter. Ugh this goes back to when life wasn’t as complicated and everything was more simple.


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