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Hold up! Let me tell you about Beyonce

I’m sure we have all heard the phrase “turn the lemons into lemonade” and after a recent conversation it has just dawned on me that that is exactly what Beyonce has done with her recent release of her new visual album Lemonade. I have not experienced the whole album, but what I have heard and the videos I have watched leads me to believe that this woman is an extremely astute business woman turning her lemons into a billion dollar Lemonade and for that I must commend her.

Not only has she exploited her own insecurities as a woman she has managed to turn them into profit. The bottom line is that she “just might be a black Bill Gates in the making” surpassing her husband’s dominance in the music industry and asserting her role as a trendsetter.

Her visual release for Hold Up captures a real essence of jealousy, rage, hurt and outrage at a partner. “Hold up they don’t love you like I Love you” if you ever been in love and knew that man was doing something wrong you thought “I’m a fuck me up a bitch” but beyond that this also embodies the realization of self-worth and pride that comes from a positive self-esteem. She explores this line we as women occasionally straddle “what’s worse being jealous or crazy?”

Let me talk about this idea visually,  Beyonce is walking down a street with a bat and while singing her song begins smashing windows in cars and that bat symbolizes so much more than just the crazy emotions of a woman. It symbolizes the pent up frustrations of being a woman; of dealing with everyday life in a world that under values you; attempts to control your actions and subdue your voice; it is the embodiment of a woman’s voice in a world that tries to hold her down.

I think Beyonce will shatter that glass ceiling with her bat and for that I am thankful. She is showing her vulnerability in a strategic form and making Lemonade out of the lemons of her life. Say what you will but she “just might be a black Bill Gates in the making.”


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