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Ode to the Old Men

White and gray and silver too
Sometimes bald and sometimes not
These old men
Have shaped my mind
They’ve left their footprint in the sands of time
Within the confines of my intriguing mind

Listening and challenging my existence
Altering and shaping how I think
Mapping out my way

Oh, that old white man
Who’s changed my life
It’s not just one
But two
These old white men
With their witty ways

The lyrical rhetoric
The fervor and passion
The rigor
And insight

I received friendship and inspiration
From these figures
To me

They challenged, changed some pieces of me
They motivated and maintained these passions I possess

Some days I said I want to be that old white man

But I am just me
Influenced and shaped
Altered and improved
By the white and gray and silver too
These wise men
Who guide me through the path
Headed toward new knowledge
Shining lights of hope


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