Life Passes By

Life passes by
On that string of time
Waiting for the fateful day
When that string is snipped.

The flickering light
Blown out in the night.


We reminisce,
Celebrate the quirks,
Share those memories.

Remember, recall and rejoice-

Celebrate the life of the one you call friend.

Mourn for a time
But don’t be too sad.

Life is too short
And made expire.

A drop of time
Is all we get.

And with that small drop
We fall on the world
Imprint on some lives
Because that’s what remains.

Preserved by time
In the minds of dear friends.

Memories endure when the dash fades away.

Celebrate the memory to the beat of a song
Sing out their praise
And dance all night long.

At high noon and through the night
Just remember who they were.


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