The Huntress & The Wolf

The lone wolf
Sits upon the hearth;
And as the huntress nears-
She smells his scent
So raw and fierce,
It seeps into her pores.

Surrounded by the dark night
She dwells,
She waits,
She sets the bait,
Patiently awaits.

The bait is caught-
Between his jaws
He clamps down hard
Bites on through;
Tastes the blood
He leaves a mark;
Ignoring what he’s done.

The huntress strikes.
The wolf he fights,
Fleeing in the night.

He’s run away
Scared to bout
The huntress made her mark.

Another day
She waits again.
Knowing night will come.

When it does
She has a plan
She will not let him free.

The huntress waits-

While the wolf remains-
A passing mystery.


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