I feel the need to share this again! “United we stand, divided we fall” remember that we shouldn’t be spewing hatred and promoting divisions.

Why does it matter what box I choose? Do you realize that box makes me feel less American? Like I am an “other” that doesn’t really count as American. I was born and raised in America. My heritage began in Puerto Rico but my roots are grounded in America.  It does not matter what box I check because we are all Americans.

With our different backgrounds we are not statistics, we are people. We are not African-Americans, Indian,  American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, White (non-Hispanic), Black (non-Hispanic), Multiracial, etc. we are all AMERICANS. We are Americans divided by labels, we are Americans that are categorized, but we are all AMERICANS.

My daughter came home one day and said “Mommy we have to do a project on our culture, I chose a Thanksgiving feast because we are American.” This made me think about how we classify and divide. I am a third…

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One thought on “AMERICAN

  1. Agreed, we’re all Americans! …and just about every single one of us is an immigrant or has immigrant ancestors, more than 100 years ago mine came from Lebanon, Ireland, Germany, England…


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