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Writing: My Thoughts on Love?

I have been trying my hand at this writing thing and I am not sure that I am any good, but I will still set my words down on paper and let them paint a picture. Maybe, they will create an idea in your head or it may just be a release of the thoughts that plague my mind. I don’t necessarily know that I am talented or that I have the ability to be a writer, but in my spare time I try and write (In between working, chauffeuring the kids around to all their activities, school and who needs sleep).

People tell me there is something to the words I write but I have no idea what. I was listening to one of my favorite authors; Ray Bradbury, as he discussed one of his books The Martian Chronicles and he stated “I didn’t know what I had of course. I think most of us are pretty naive about our own writing. I didn’t realize I had written something that would be around for years to come.” His statement is a compelling one because I don’t have the ability to gauge my own writing and most times I don’t believe it is any good. I believe most writers experience this kind of naivety about their writing.

Do I like what I write? Of course; I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t think it was good, but I am also extremely critical of my own writing. I am not overly confident about my prose. I do it just because I enjoy it and I believe ultimately that those who write do it out of love for our own individual craft.

So for my first major piece I have decided that I will write a love story, a major feat for someone who’s never been in love. After a close encounter of an odd kind some time ago I realized that I had never been in love. So, I then made the conscious decision to write a love story. I will write about what I think love should be with some plot twists, sadness and an underlying tone of blissful emotion.

This whirlwind encounter gave me a new perception about my idea of what love might be like.  I want to convey a feeling of being swept off your feet unexpectedly and catapulted into the stars while losing your breath under a dark sky in the autumn breeze of a starry night. Maybe that’s what falling in love feels like, or maybe that’s what I think it should feel like.  I don’t think that any of us know what love is or how it’s meant to feel until it hits us on the head like a ton of bricks leaving a concussion behind.

Part of me wants to be a hopeless romantic.

Then there is a part of me that is realistic about love.

And finally, there is a part of me that doesn’t believe in the notion of being in love.

When you put that all together you get some serious CONFUSION.

Although; I will say romance lends itself to great stories and tales, I don’t know how much of it lends itself to real life.

Maybe the ideas rolling around in my head are about what I think it should be like and not necessarily what it really is. With writing it’s easy to create worlds of fantasy; dress them up in a colorful array of contrite happiness shaping a world of confusion, mix it all up and create a legendary romance (In my mind; of course, my book will be that good!). I have set out on a journey to capture a feeling that is a mystery to me. My desire is to spark and ignite a feeling that is long forgotten by the stale routine of marriage, and inspire a new generation of singles to be in love. Why is writing so important to me? It’s an outlet, a release of what I think and the dreams that cross my mind.


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