The Woods

The wilderness all around
Branches arching overhead
Their grasp stretched out into the sky
Above my head they spread

The trees so tall and thick
They stand
Creating thickets
In my way
Grounded; roots run wide
Connecting through the earth

The dirt it stains my feet
Treading through terrains
Brownish clay and mud remain
My sole caressing you

Patches of greens protrude
Hues of green askew

In mornings light with drops of dew
That shape the morning view
Blades of grass dance in the ground
To and fro they sway

A single deer which walks on through
The home she knows so well
A field of open pasture
Hooves prance upon the ground
She trots on from her path
Through the morning glories light

These woods that glow with morning rays
Turn throughout the night
Nature keeps her unique form
Transforming day and night

The dress she wears will change-
Before your very sight

In these woods
Are worlds unknown
Changing as we go

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