What I Love Most About WordPress

If you have a blog, take a moment and look at the map of countries in your stats.

When I realized what this map was, I knew I wanted to increase the number of countries on my map. I had no idea how to do that. I would stare at my map after logging in and wonder just how to reach people in different parts of the world.  Though, I had no real plan of action for this; my followers were mainly in the United States, with a couple in the United Kingdom and one in India, and I had no idea how to market this blog internationally.

How was I going to reach parts of the world that I’ve only visited through movies, books or my imagination? Again, there was no plan of action for this, I just wanted people in different countries to visit my blog.

Last night my excitement swelled as my blog became an international pit stop. Albeit, my stats are humble, there aren’t  hundreds of followers, but that is fine. What made me squeal this morning was that I had six;  count them six, different flags listed in the countries that visited my blog. Someone sitting across the globe stumbled upon the thoughts of this American woman and viewed them.

I will contend that this is the best feature on WordPress. Why? Well take a moment to think about what it signifies.

Figure it out yet?

It signifies DIVERSITY. The map shows you that someone; somewhere in the world far from home, has taken the time out to view your thoughts, creations, short stories, poems, articles or pictures. Maybe they like it then there is a possibility that they don’t, but your words and ideas have traveled across the globe in an instant.

My map is below. How many countries visit your blog? Are there flags other than your home country listed on your map?


20 thoughts on “What I Love Most About WordPress”

    1. It is quite humbling. I just keep checking to see if there are any new flags. 1 more has been added. I don’t know why but the elation I am experiencing by something so simple is great.

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    1. Yes it is very important to be able to connect with people from all over, and WordPress allows us the opportunity and ability to reach people from all over.

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  1. I enjoy it so much when I see other countries “pop up” in my WordPress stats. It keeps bloggers aware – if they aren’t already – their audience is global, not defined by borders. Having noticed a number of bloggers doing it I also installed the Google Translate feature on my site so anyone who doesn’t read English or read it well can still enjoy (hopefully) my writing. Our sites are truly international pit stops!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have noticed a number of those I follow have installed the google translate, my only fear with that is things get lost in translation. Speaking two languages I understand that when there is an attempt to translate meaning and context get shuffled around and if it is not done correctly your words lose their essence.

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  2. Agreed. “Translate” is limited at times. I have used other translation software and some of the context and meaning in those instances also occasionally – as you indicate – gets shuffled around.

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