Music: Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is an indie band that formed at Columbia university back in 2006; with lyrics that are full of clever puns and references, they became an all-time favorite of mine.

By now, I am sure you have heard them playing in the background of a commercial or two, a video game, or the soundtrack to Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

I believe at some point you may have heard them.

I remember the first time I came across Vampire Weekend. A friend of mine; Lauren, posted about going to see Vampire Weekend on Facebook and I thought she’s into role-playing; I failed to read the word “see”. So I thought it stated I am going to Vampire Weekend and of course, I commented on the post: What is that?

In my mind, she was going to dress up like a vampire with fangs, blood, and a cape for the weekend.

You know, things normal people do.

She responded that it was a band and she would bring me a copy of the CD. The next day, she showed up at my job with a copy of Contra. (Oh, I want to mention that I have the best of friends! Please don’t be offended but my friends are better than yours! ). After work, I throw it in the CD player of my car (I am not that old, I just had an older car and at the time fancy gizmos and gadgets like Bluetooth weren’t available in cars, SHOCKER!) and just like that, I became a fan. Witty word play over a unique blend of sounds that make me feel like I should be sitting on some pretentious beach wearing all white with my Raybans on sipping on a Mai Tai judging everyone.

Not really.

If you haven’t heard them links below.

In December drinking Horchata under a White Sky speaking California English with my Cousins talking about an Oxford Comma. I mean come on, who really gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?

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