I have taken time off from the blog and I wanted to refresh my thoughts. So I have just been taking the time to work (which is my least favorite thing to do), hang out with my children, read for pleasure, do my school work (reading on a timetable) and I don’t know that I found an easy way to refresh my thoughts.

Today we live in a world bombarded by technology; overloading our senses with content that comes to us at lightning speeds, from Google to Bing there are countless ways to find everything. Although, the reality is that we aren’t finding anything at all; we are simply getting lost in the content. Mixed up with the shuffle, trying to keep up with the jones’ and losing what it means to be an individual. I felt like I was losing myself in the mess of everyday life.Well, more like losing my creative thought process.

I thought I would have had an epiphany by taking a break. That I would come back with brilliant insight and clarity and that would lead me to new found inspiration to continuously write. The only epiphany I have had is that you cannot rush inspiration, the Muses work on their on time. When you force inspiration it implodes on itself. The attempt to create becomes a frustrating task, daunting if you will.  It hinders the content and restricts the flow. So I have to just wait for those moments of inspiration to come in order to write.

I should not force my desire to write.

5 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. I am very much in the same place! I go between whether I should force myself to write crap or to focus instead on having enriching life experiences that will inspire great writing. As evidenced by my lack of published work over the past year (other than the book I finally finished), I have been too busy with life to write as much as I would like.

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    1. I try to write crap but it frustrates me and then I feel worse about my slump. My professor once told me that writers should have jobs where you don’t need to think that way you can harness your creativity and write.


  2. I agree, I have tried to not get on social media as much and the times I have it has felt great I’ve gotten to spend more time with my family and just knowing more about me and what makes me happy!

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