An Empty Love Letter

An Empty Love Letter


Well, no-one, I write to you. Since there is no one here to share my dreams with and cry out all my fears. There is no one here to hear my thoughts and listen to my gripes. No one here to receive my love and no one within my bed.

I wanted to tell you about all the memories we have but we have yet to build them up.

I long to reminisce about that time, but there was no time.

Once upon a time, I thought about who you might be and then I fell asleep. I might have dreamed once or twice about this love we have, but then, I woke up; and that night long ago when—when nothing ever happened.

I wondered about how much you love me, yet, there is no love to receive.

I speculated about no-one’s name.

That name I could say in nights awake; oh, I long to feel that touch. I yearn for your warm embrace, the gentle pace, a sweet remembrance of your face and if I might sleep in your arms to rest with you until morning’s dawn, awake from slumber with your gentle touch.

If only, this were true.

Alas, I write this to you although I don’t know who. I’ll simply wait and pine for that time I see you in my dreams.

Truly yours,
Eternal Dreamer


2 thoughts on “An Empty Love Letter

  1. Wonderful! You’ve said more about love and companionship here in a “letter” from someone who doesn’t have them in her life than many people are able to say about the same things from the point of view of someone who does have them in his or her life. Ironic and downright ingenious.

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