Underneath My Pale Skin

Underneath my pale skin-

below this white concealment
the spirit of;

African beats;
Taino blood;
European conquest-
this is the Caribbean echo of my being;

The blood which flows-

Exposing this-
American identity.

 My history;
I recall-
The darker skins that preceded me.

The caramel flesh my daughters possess; the tangled hair that sits on their head
a mixed tone of inclusion;
Identify my Afro-Caribbean-Indian-European mix.

Rhythmic drums,
pounding out the tears,
of the island’s sing-song melody.

Composed with time;
two worlds collide;
to produce the American in me.


14 thoughts on “Underneath My Pale Skin

  1. Delia, your prose and poetry has such deep insight into human cares and concerns and continues to touch me deeply. All of us feel emotions like this, but can’t put them into beautifully written poetry as you do. (I’m sorry I missed this, I had the flu and missed several of your very fine posts of your poetry.) I honestly think, without doubt, that you are a fine poet and you should not stop writing poetry and it should be in book form. Here is the address for the Academy of American poets, with Juan Felipe Herrera, United States Poet Laureate. The Chairman is Michael Jacobs. : 75 Maiden LN Ste 90, New York, NY, 10273-1015. And here is their email address: academy@poets.org.

    Please write to them and include this poem and several others with a cover letter about you. You will, without doubt be given an invitation to become a member. I wish you the great success, you so richly deserve. Karen

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    1. Oh thank you so much for your words! I have not been writing as of late. Not sure where the muse has went but I truly appreciate your words! 🙂 I will look into this.


      1. Delia, I read some of your poems to my husband Dave and he thinks they are breathtaking, heartfelt and beautiful. Your poem, Would You, just blew me away. Incredible. You are so unique and so very talented, don’t you dare stop writing poetry. I was just about to choose one of your poems and reblog it. People need to see your work. I am thinking of the Under My Pale Skin, another stunning poem. Your muse will comeback, they do disappear sometimes. It has happened to me when writing too. I plan on reblogging one of our poems a week. You must get exposure. Everyone should see them. If I think of more places you should send them, I will let you know. Have a wonderful weekend! Karen 🙂

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