Write—For Me

I set out to write a new collection of poetry and I am thinking about words more than I have in the past.

The most difficult thing about writing is trying to find new words that mean the same thing while creating a different version of what I already wrote without repeating myself.

Can you follow that?

Some days, I can’t because it is exhausting.

I think about the words I  use when I write.  I listen to the way they sound and explore the feelings which I am trying to express.

If the words don’t invoke any feeling then I know I’m doing it wrong.

This intricacy of language is what makes writing so difficult.

One word can alter everything that you are trying to express as a writer.

I have been trying to push my writing in a different direction and— as I write— I discovered that it doesn’t work. I was frustrating myself with every word because it did not sound right.

Then, BOOM! It hit me…

Through trial and error…

I have my own style and I should use what works for me and build my toolbox from this foundation.

I attended critiques sessions for poetry and for fiction, and I received positive feedback and constructive criticism that helped me. As I work on revisions I recall the the feedback that I receive. Some of the commentaries I received were geared around the musicality and lyrical quality of my word choice. My short story received positive feedback about the intentional wordplay I created was examined.   The woman who critiqued me wasn’t sure if it was intentional wordplay and I was proud when she called out to it because it was intentional.

These pieces came naturally, they flowed from my fingertips with ease and poetic prose. I wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel.

Not everyone likes rhyming, most people don’t like poetry, and wordplay can get lost in the mix but I shouldn’t allow that to change my style.

I have an awkward inner poet that rises up from time to time ready to create a beautiful word-vine.

I love writing. I love poetry. I love a good story. I revel in telling stories and creating a thunderous voice that booms from the pages making you feel the power of prose.  A voice that can move you to tears—as a writer making people cry is so rewarding! Think about it! To muster up that kind of emotion in another being through language now that’s powerful!

So why should I try to please everyone else with my writing?

Writing makes me happy so I should enjoy what I write.

If I am genuine then I am sure to reach an audience that will appreciate what I have created as a writer and that is all I want, even if it is an audience of one.


31 thoughts on “Write—For Me

    1. It just depends on the person. My belief is if you truly love what you do then it will not become a chore and if it becomes a chore it is not what you love to do…


  1. You’ve touched upon that same sentiment I’ve found opposes the author’s intent: To write for one’s self, but to also write to be read. This juxtaposition of endeavors, if the author excels at their craft, can work. Until an author is of the caliber that their writing can at least be accepted, if not admired, I find they, I, must write to be read, primarily. Otherwise one’s craft does not improve.

    Reaching that writer’s nirvana where one’s selfish writing speaks to the hearts of others must be a heady experience. Indications along the way, that the writer’s path stretches straight before them, do help. Those admissions of a tear shed, an honest smile spread, after the reading of one’s work, to me, is why I write. To write for myself alone? I wouldn’t bother.

    It’s an odd road, this writing to two masters. But it sounds like you’ve hit up on the secret, discover that improving and pleasing yourself with your art, pleases others.

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    1. Juxtaposition is a rest word to describe this, but you’ve proved my point.

      I wrote this post for myself. I wanted explore the reason why I write and even if a person agrees or disagrees they’re thinking about it.

      I am also more than humbled that you took the time to read and respond in such a thoughtful manner. 🙂

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      1. I write many posts for myself. Ideas that just have to be written down. And in general, for those, if no one reads them, I’m not put out.
        I was referring more to the intentional fiction writing when I made that comment. The two different writing styles and intents, are quite separate in my mind.
        This is a topic I’ve beat with a stick for the last few years, often with other writers, and I’ve found many of them waffle back and forth.
        One thought: https://anonymole.wordpress.com/2017/09/14/youre-writing-for-me/

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      2. If I fix a sandwich for myself, I’ll just throw it together. If I make one for you, I’ll spend the time to make it tasty, appealing and hopefully enjoyable.

        Would I want to learn how to perfect my sandwich makings skills if the only person to eat them was me? Some might say yes. And I might take steps to get the result more palatable. But once I get to some minimum level — I’m done.

        On the other hand, would I want to continuously hone my deli-skills making them for you? Sure!

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      3. That’s an interesting approach. We just see things differently. I write for myself, if I enjoy my story then I am happy with what I have done. At some point, others may read it but if I am writing for others I am not being true to what I want to do with my pen. That’s just how I feel about it.

        If anyone likes what I have written (even my fiction stories) just know that I wrote them for myself. The only person in mind when I wrote them was me. As far as food is concerned I am going to try and perfect any recipe for myself because I love to eat and I want to eat good food.

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  2. I know exactly what you mean. Finding new words or ways to say what you need to say can feel like a wall. Then, when you hit the right one, or two, or more, you find your stride. Yours is rhyming. Wonderful!

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  3. Reblogged this on adaratrosclair and commented:
    REBLOGGED! I’m deeply motivated and moved by this fellow author’s post. Especially this, “If I am genuine then I am sure to reach an audience that will appreciate what I have created as a writer and that is all I want, even if it is an audience of one.” Sometimes, it is only one and that’s fabulous, too. 🙂

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  4. You shouldn’t try to please others when you write. If you write and it’s honest emotion, that is enough. The idea of building an audience is nauseating marketing. Would you still write if no one read? If the answer is yes, and for most writer the answer is yes, then why does it matter?

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    1. I know this now. I’ve always written for myself. I only recently started sharing what I do and it’s been a journey full of discovery. I thought sharing meant writing for others but that isn’t what I should have been doing this whole time. I think all writers do their best work when no one is watching! 🙂


      1. Thank you so much Karen! I really appreciate all your kind words and how you are always encouraging me and uplifting with all the support! ❤️


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