The Lost Key

Blogging is an adventurous outlet. A journey I never thought I would embark upon.

I like to think of it as my public journal. A place where I can explore good and bad ideas.

My first journal was a bright red book with cute pictures of lipstick on it and some other things. What I remember is the small key that opened the brass colored lock. I held that key up to the light as though I had discovered some ancient artifact. I recall being filled with dread as I held that key.

What if I lose it? 

The thought scared me. What if I lost the only way to access my deepest thoughts? I had no idea then how easy it was to break the lock but that thought consumed me. I would write, write, and write, until one day I lost the key.

For me, losing that key meant I would never be able to see my words again. I would lose all the writing I had about mean girls. I would lose the secret crushes of my very long life of nine years and I would never be able to write again.

I always had this fear of losing my work.

So as a writer I backup my works and back up the backup. I have a hard copy, I email my self, I save it to my computer and I have a supply of flash drives to backup the backups.

I am sure many other writers fear the dreaded computer crash or that moment when you accidentally delete everything.

And, it happens. It seems to happen when you just finished the ending or revised your final draft (as if there really is such a thing as a final draft) and, you have not backed it up.

One day it happened to me (gasp), the laptop crashed and I didn’t back everything up. I was upset. Not only did I lose the works I also lost my writing companion. That laptop was where I first explored the idea of being a writer. It was pearl white and I had a The World’s Best Mom sticker on it.

I lost my key again.

Then, I replaced that laptop and now I remember to back up the backup. I make multiple copies of the key.

Copyright © Delia Marrero 2018 All rights reserved.


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