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I have not been very consistent with content for my blog. 

I have been working on different projects but have not been sharing. I am still trying to figure out how to improve my layout and move my writings around into different categories.

At this time I am also exploring the idea of Patreon, who doesn’t want to get paid for content creation?

Also, I am visiting the idea of spiritual blog posts.

There is so much running through my mind right now. I am constantly thinking about the type of content I want to create and how to create it. Branding, color schemes, logos, and building my own autonomy.

I am working on aligning with a new purpose in my life. I am focused on living authentically in my own skin whatever that means. In this journey to be a little more authentic I decide to apply for MFA Programs. I did get in to two of the four I applied to and I will be starting an MFA program this summer. I am beyond excited to focus on my craft and complete my manuscript. 

It’s exciting and nerve wracking for me to enter into this new phase of my life.


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