I Have to Write a Bio…

I have to write a bio for a scholarship that I received. I am nervous about writing it.

Honestly, I have a hard time talking about myself. I try to hide in the shadows and avoid being seen. but writing a bio forces me out of the shadow.

In the shadows I can be anything at anytime.

Emerging from the shadows means that I have to enter into the light. My light is writing. I have toyed with the idea of being a writer for a very long time and it never really sticks. I started this blog many moons ago to explore writing. I started out with poetry but overtime I changed my flow.

While I love poetry and will probably continue to dabble in the art I realized that I write better stories. This past year has forced me to slow down and have some honest conversations with myself. These conversations showed me that I was not living authentically and in order to do so I needed to commit to my writing.

So I decided to start applying for MFA programs.

I got accepted and now I have to write a bio for a scholarship that I received.

Here’s to the spaces between the words that I wrote at odd hours of the day.

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