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Would you?

Would you have mercy on me; If I sinned again? If I gave into those carnal desires which consume my flesh That crawl upon my skin And tickle me within Would you have mercy on my heart- If I broke yours once again? If I gave into that savage deep within- The one that rattles… Continue reading Would you?

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What Happens?

What happens after the eyes meet? The soul speaks And the mind connects Capturing the moment of intensity. What happens when the lips touch? Sparks begin to fly The world spins on its head Your legs feel weak Your breath subsides. Then your body craves his touch? Quivering with excitement Your mind races ahead Feeling… Continue reading What Happens?

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Follow me into the night- I’ll show you what I need. I’ll let you see those things Deep inside of me. Present to you the broken shards; Those pieces that cut me up inside. And when the sun rises- I’ll show you how I smile; How I laugh through it all, Then cry when I’m… Continue reading Inside

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A painting brings words to life 

If a painting is worth a thousand words this one is worth so much more. I have been fortunate enough to know some talented artists; one such person Wilfredo Rivera created this illustration for me. This painting has given life to my words. Without reading a single word he created the perfect image from my tale.… Continue reading A painting brings words to life 

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Allow me

Give me a chance to entice you. A moment of seduction is all I need. Sweep you away towards intrigue Let my desires drink from you. Settle towards these yearnings Consent – the pleasures of our sin. Electrified sensations of flesh Pulsating urges of orgasm Liberating wails of excitement Escape your cursed lips. Allow me… Continue reading Allow me

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The Apple

I’m the Eve- of your destruction Embrace the passion of desire Bite on through forbidden fruit Blinding all your senses While arousing these sensations Desires unfold The dangers of lust Pervasive urges emerge Consuming each other raw Coercing the mind Emulating affection Bite into the apple Satisfy your craving Then wait As it rots with… Continue reading The Apple

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Dark Desires

The darkness of the night Restless stirrings of Wants- Prowling through the streets The night fills my soul Danger all around Dark and Evil, Exposed Conniving spirits Soar in the night's air Entering my soul Killing all the good The haunting song- Of darkness plays Weeping songs Forbidden sirens play Calling me into despair Nightfall… Continue reading Dark Desires