Did you ever wonder what it would be like?
If all the world learned how to think and speak with clarity.
If words would flow as freely as the running rivers water
Carving out the landscape of our minds.
If people thought about the use of language
Then cultivated words…

Did you ever wonder?

If –
I could live surrounded by time
Enveloped by rhyme
Released through verse
Comparable to the works
Of ancient masters
And modern genius
If …

My words are not just here or there
But everywhere.

If only…

I Flood My Blog

I flood my blog with poems that just pop into my head.
I guess it’s sort of lyrical to rhyme in such a way.  
Release the stress inside my head, I write and set it free.

These thoughts inside my mind-
I write to set them free.

With my words I can do anything I please.
I can write about anything-
The monster underneath your bed, then transform it into lust.
A literary rambling escapes into the world.

It’s just letters of thought.

The joy of writing comes as easy as it goes.
Free falling words of endearment pour onto the page.
Easy thoughts of death come crawling out the grave.
No rhyme or reason from the pen that that writes the tales I tell.

The words we read, the words we write impact us everyday.

They change our lives, they change our minds, words just change it all.
The power of the pen
Derived from simple prose.

Freeing thoughts on paper.
Words flowing through the world.

I Have No Sense of Time

I have no sense of time
I drift away my day
Should I think about what time it is?

I look and stare at a clock
I realize the time
Oh shit, I’m late again!

I roll my eyes and say “oh well”
Who needs to be rushing around
Trying to meet a deadline
Having to be punctual

I just wander aimlessly taking in the sights
Staring at those people who keep an eye on time

I learned that I simply do not live by time
I make my own
The moment of today
Will soon fade away

I’ll keep my timeless mind searching for the present ease of the day

I Write

I write
Just because
Words come to me
Looking to escape
Release is what they seek
Free them into the world

I write
Just because

Words can take us away
Into enchanted worlds
Creating dreams
Words transform the world

Make it anything you want
Creating everything you fear

I write
To describe the eerie sights that tiptoe through my mind

I write
Liberating words, thoughts and sights once trapped in the sanctuary of my mind

I write
To talk about what I think

I write
To express what you dare not say out loud

Just because
I write