The Soul of My Blog?

Blogging is an adventurous outlet, with an innate freedom of expression that allows you to explore the weirdest ideas that could come about. Maybe you are able to traverse the confines of your soul and release them with new words, or maybe you just write. One time I told someone they wouldn’t find my blog, to which they responded that they would. I was told they would, one day.

Then this question arose.

Why do you want me to find your blog, who said I wanted to see your soul?

I laughed a bit at this. My response was it’s really not my soul.

I never think of my blog or my writing for that matter as a way to view my soul, but today I thought about this comment and thought about my blog.

Why do I write?

I always ask myself this question and I never have a concrete answer. I write just because I like to and I think I have a way with words. Sometimes my emotions may gear my writing, life might influence the words and other times something around me just sparks the fuse of my imagination and the explosion of words erupts with a big bang (it’s usually the latter). For instance, Would You was inspired while I was at the gym and Shawn Mendes’ Mercy started playing on my Pandora station. There is nothing very deep or interesting about where the inspiration for this particular poem came from but it turned into something; it popped into my head, poof! just like magic.

I would be lying if I said life didn’t inspire me but it doesn’t always move my inner soul to reveal itself. There are times when I write these sordid tales that might make you cringe or a sappy love story at times when I might not believe in love. Then, I will shift gears and write a poem about a ghost, that’s Casper’s cousin. I may even kill someone off in a tale and smile when I’m done writing it and it’s not because that’s what lies deep inside, it’s because that’s what the muses pushed into my mind.

I’m not sure if they ever found my blog, I don’t know if they will ever read the posts but I hope they keep in mind there’s more between the lines. Writing is a part of who I am, it is a part of my soul but it does not reveal my soul. Writing for me is a journey of exploration and a way to let my imagination run free.

Beyond the Screen

A screen cannot ignite a spark that sets your soul ablaze. Those feelings of grandeur that swelter to bliss, that only happen when eyes meet entranced in a gaze; then lips collide and the warm embrace of touch flows inside.

Showered in hope, arriving in paradise-transmutation occurs; elevating you to the next level of life.

Only when that moment exists beyond the screen in real time away from the shallow halls of naive love-beyond the screen and true to life.

Thoughts On Poetry

This post was inspired by my cousin who hates poetry because he does not want to look for meaning in anything! He doesn’t have to like poetry but by golly gum drops he will learn to appreciate it! (Insert higher power reference here) as my witness! You will learn to appreciate POEMS! (Waving fist maniacally in the air!)  Keep on reading!

The Struggle to Remain

I recall – so long ago;
When I thought- things would change.
When you and I would make it through,
The times that tried our ties and broke our lives.

I wondered when the words would come,
To make all those things right.

I never knew it wasn’t so,
And we couldn’t push on through.

Holding on by fingertips,
Hanging from a cliff,
Off the ledge we swung
Struggling to remain.
We tried and pleaded to save this life,
We fought to hold on tight.

We couldn’t win the battles
That arose within the night.

The times were gone- when we shared it all,
And we couldn’t save our love.

We grew apart;
Then changed our hearts.
Our love had slid away.

It’s time to leave our love behind,
Begin a new life too.
Without remorse we pack our things to leave the home we made.

We walk on out and say “Goodbye,” then go our separate ways.