The Regret

We often ignore our dreams and avoid aspirations because we have responsibilities; this type of avoidance can lead to regret.  “I got bills to pay, mouths to feed, ain’t nothing in this world for free.” Far too often we push aside our hopes and dreams as we douse the passion of fervent youth when reality begins to settle in around us and we take that job to pay the bills.

Then, we comply with the rules of society and work ourselves into graves. Yup, that sums up the whole of existence. Some work themselves into lavish graves while the rest of us meander through to simple boxes in hallow ground.

What will remain of you when you die? Or me for that matter? (This post is really all about me, everything is always about me.) The progeny? Eventually that dies out too.

What will your legacy be?



Personally, I don’t want any more regrets. I don’t want to say I should have done this or that I want to say “I did it.”

So I am going to say I did it.

No ragrats,” right?

I am able to say I’m writing that book and other things. In my copious spare time I am liberating the ideas locked inside while listening to Daddy Yankee’s Shaky Shaky.  My book is a contemporary multicultural romance novel and I am compiling sordid short stories with women as the central focus. My women are unconventional standards of imperfections; they’re the Kate of my mind. They embrace everything we should not be, explore the not so nice parts we like to hide while discovering the quirks and kinks that make us—well “Freak out Le freak, see’est Chic.”

Don’t fret the regret. Don’t give up the dream. Unless it involves becoming a rocket scientist when you aren’t inherently bright or really good with numbers and whatever else that sort of stuff entails. But if your dream involves learning, or visiting a new place, writing a book, becoming a ski instructor, starting a business I say try it.

And, if it doesn’t work at least you know and you can always say “I did it.”

The Soul of My Blog?

Blogging is an adventurous outlet, with an innate freedom of expression that allows you to explore the weirdest ideas that could come about. Maybe you are able to traverse the confines of your soul and release them with new words, or maybe you just write. One time I told someone they wouldn’t find my blog, to which they responded that they would. I was told they would, one day.

Then this question arose.

Why do you want me to find your blog, who said I wanted to see your soul?

I laughed a bit at this. My response was it’s really not my soul.

I never think of my blog or my writing for that matter as a way to view my soul, but today I thought about this comment and thought about my blog.

Why do I write?

I always ask myself this question and I never have a concrete answer. I write just because I like to and I think I have a way with words. Sometimes my emotions may gear my writing, life might influence the words and other times something around me just sparks the fuse of my imagination and the explosion of words erupts with a big bang (it’s usually the latter). For instance, Would You was inspired while I was at the gym and Shawn Mendes’ Mercy started playing on my Pandora station. There is nothing very deep or interesting about where the inspiration for this particular poem came from but it turned into something; it popped into my head, poof! just like magic.

I would be lying if I said life didn’t inspire me but it doesn’t always move my inner soul to reveal itself. There are times when I write these sordid tales that might make you cringe or a sappy love story at times when I might not believe in love. Then, I will shift gears and write a poem about a ghost, that’s Casper’s cousin. I may even kill someone off in a tale and smile when I’m done writing it and it’s not because that’s what lies deep inside, it’s because that’s what the muses pushed into my mind.

I’m not sure if they ever found my blog, I don’t know if they will ever read the posts but I hope they keep in mind there’s more between the lines. Writing is a part of who I am, it is a part of my soul but it does not reveal my soul. Writing for me is a journey of exploration and a way to let my imagination run free.

Quotations on Writing by Ray Bradbury

My favorite author!

charles french words reading and writing



“Write only what you love, and love what you write. The key word is love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to live for.”

“You fail only if you stop writing.”

“You must write every single day of your life.”



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Complacency. This is what – if anything – will kill print. People who leave it up to other people to purchase books in hard copy, to frequent brick and mortar stores of any product while patting themselves on the back for “saving” money need to wise up. The entire retail landscape is under fire. You […]

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Neil Gaiman on Books

“read and cherish the books you love.”

charles french words reading and writing



Unfortunately in the world of books as well as the larger world, human beings often create artificial divisions.  In his “Newberry Medal Acceptance Speech,” following the text of his wonderful novel The Graveyard Book, Mr. Gaiman speaks to the question of what books to read.

He says, “It was as if some people believed there was a divide between the books that you were permitted to enjoy and the books that were good for you, and I was expected to choose sides. We were all expected to choose sides. And I didn’t believe it, and I still don’t.

I was, and still am, on the side of books you love.” (Gaiman 320)

I agree with this brilliant writer completely: read and cherish the books you love.



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Writing: My Thoughts on Love?

I have been trying my hand at this writing thing and I am not sure that I am any good, but I will still set my words down on paper and let them paint a picture. Maybe, they will create an idea in your head or it may just be a release of the thoughts that plague my mind. I don’t necessarily know that I am talented or that I have the ability to be a writer, but in my spare time I try and write (In between working, chauffeuring the kids around to all their activities, school and who needs sleep).

People tell me there is something to the words I write but I have no idea what. I was listening to one of my favorite authors; Ray Bradbury, as he discussed one of his books The Martian Chronicles and he stated “I didn’t know what I had of course. I think most of us are pretty naive about our own writing. I didn’t realize I had written something that would be around for years to come.” His statement is a compelling one because I don’t have the ability to gauge my own writing and most times I don’t believe it is any good. I believe most writers experience this kind of naivety about their writing.

Do I like what I write? Of course; I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t think it was good, but I am also extremely critical of my own writing. I am not overly confident about my prose. I do it just because I enjoy it and I believe ultimately that those who write do it out of love for our own individual craft.

So for my first major piece I have decided that I will write a love story, a major feat for someone who’s never been in love. After a close encounter of an odd kind some time ago I realized that I had never been in love. So, I then made the conscious decision to write a love story. I will write about what I think love should be with some plot twists, sadness and an underlying tone of blissful emotion.

This whirlwind encounter gave me a new perception about my idea of what love might be like.  I want to convey a feeling of being swept off your feet unexpectedly and catapulted into the stars while losing your breath under a dark sky in the autumn breeze of a starry night. Maybe that’s what falling in love feels like, or maybe that’s what I think it should feel like.  I don’t think that any of us know what love is or how it’s meant to feel until it hits us on the head like a ton of bricks leaving a concussion behind.

Part of me wants to be a hopeless romantic.

Then there is a part of me that is realistic about love.

And finally, there is a part of me that doesn’t believe in the notion of being in love.

When you put that all together you get some serious CONFUSION.

Although; I will say romance lends itself to great stories and tales, I don’t know how much of it lends itself to real life.

Maybe the ideas rolling around in my head are about what I think it should be like and not necessarily what it really is. With writing it’s easy to create worlds of fantasy; dress them up in a colorful array of contrite happiness shaping a world of confusion, mix it all up and create a legendary romance (In my mind; of course, my book will be that good!). I have set out on a journey to capture a feeling that is a mystery to me. My desire is to spark and ignite a feeling that is long forgotten by the stale routine of marriage, and inspire a new generation of singles to be in love. Why is writing so important to me? It’s an outlet, a release of what I think and the dreams that cross my mind.

Let’s Share: Doc Chuck

Here is another one of those men I speak about in my Ode to the Old Men. Doc Chuck is a muse of sorts walking around creating inspiration. He has a way of teaching a person how to find their voice and bring it forth. He is my professor, adviser, mentor and friend.

He steers the ship of learning; towards the shores of knowledge.

Reminding me of a quote from one of my favorite movies” “O Captain! My Captain! ” (Do you know what movie this is from?)

He recently published a book which I am currently reading and enjoy very much. The book; which is titled Maledicus, follows a paranormal investigative society made up of older men (not the average hero). They investigate a haunting and discover the real evil behind it.

Check out Doc Chuck’s Blog: Charles French

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing: ( ? Roosevelt Franklin, the protagonist of my horror novel Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I is a self-admitted anglophile. While a proud American with a very American name who loves his country, he is drawn to the manners and customs of England and the British…

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Ode to the Old Men

White and gray and silver too
Sometimes bald and sometimes not
These old men
Have shaped my mind
They’ve left their footprint in the sands of time
Within the confines of my intriguing mind

Listening and challenging my existence
Altering and shaping how I think
Mapping out my way

Oh, that old white man
Who’s changed my life
It’s not just one
But two
These old white men
With their witty ways

The lyrical rhetoric
The fervor and passion
The rigor
And insight

I received friendship and inspiration
From these figures
To me

They challenged, changed some pieces of me
They motivated and maintained these passions I possess

Some days I said I want to be that old white man

But I am just me
Influenced and shaped
Altered and improved
By the white and gray and silver too
These wise men
Who guide me through the path
Headed toward new knowledge
Shining lights of hope

We Are Not Really There At All

I had an epiphany! I am going to delete Facebook. A few weeks ago I made this decision since I found myself spending way too much time scrolling through a news feed of irrelevant information; countless connections and intrusions into personal lives of people that I really did not know.  Then there was the FB façade because everyone is FB famous. So I made my way into the settings and deleted the account.

Then something great happened; I had a lot more time to do simple things. I noticed that those that matter didn’t mind and made sure they were able to connect with me. Those that were not part of my life were not impacted by my disappearance, and my life is not impacted by the loss either.  I am now connected more with those who are really a part of my life and I have more time to pay attention to the world.

I found myself spending way too much time scrolling through a news feed of irrelevant information; countless connections and intrusions into personal lives of people that I really did not know.  Then add into the mix the FB façade because everyone is FB famous. So I made the conscious decision to delete .social  Then something great happened; I had a lot more time to do simple things. I noticed that those that matter didn’t mind and made sure they were able to connect with me. Those that were not part of my life were not impacted by my disappearance, and my life is not impacted by the loss either.  I am now connected more with those who are really a part of my life and I have more time to pay attention to the world.

I have always had a good relationship with my children, but I noticed that as I got rid of FB my relationship with my kids has improved vastly. Now I am engaging them in even more conversations and surprisingly they are very talkative (I don’t think that they have figured out the correlation as to why Mommy is asking more and more questions, and why I am not on my phone as much). All too often, we pick up our devices when we are bored and when we are not bored even when there are others around us.

After I deleted my account I noticed that I didn’t miss the narcissistic self-love that is constantly promoted on social media. The instant gratification of our lives has ruined many aspects of human interaction.  No longer are we interacting with people on a personal level; instead, we are conversing with screens of light that hold our attention. We have lost the art of conversation and human interaction. Engaging with technology more than we do with one another. We really have lost that ability to connect with others.

When is the last you called someone and talked to them?

Today, people can evade personal conflict by typing out a message on a screen and effortlessly we are able to disregard emotions since we can hide behind a device. It is easy to avoid, ignore and block a person from your device; block lists on your phone, email, and social media accounts make it so that you never have to hear from that person again. Poof! They’re gone (it’s that easy to sever the line of communication).

You never have to think about your actions when you can block the repercussions from your phone.  You never have to explain anything or even answer for your behaviors, you don’t have to deal with the reality of your circumstances, and you can ignore that maybe you hurt someone. (PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Remember that it is never okay to break up with someone in a text message.) Humanity is being transferred into emoticons and we are losing the importance of interaction. I much rather hear a voice on the other end and talk. Think about the time it takes to type out the message, make revisions, send the message, wait for delivery of the message, then the person has to open the message, then decide if they’re going to respond to the message, type out their message, send it and repeat ( I could have called you and gotten the answer in less time).

Am I guilty of engaging in such behaviors? Of course, I am, but I have become aware of what the problem is. We will never give up our technology but we can try to talk a little bit more with one another,  interact more with those around us. Get to know people and not the image they want you to see, make mistakes and learn from them. Get away from the device and live life a little more than you did today.