Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices. Notice the recurring theme! Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on.


Let’s Share: Mary Beth

I made a new friend at a conference I attended over the weekend. Please stop by her and visit her blog. She was absolutely delightful and kind. She definitely had an infectious smile. Happy Monday!  

Reading and Daughters

I should write some more. I think about the things I should be writing but I have yet to actually write anything. I may be over thinking everything in my life right now, there really isn't much going on other than reading books and hanging out with my daughters. I finally graduated in May. It … Continue reading Reading and Daughters

Drummer Girl

A poem inspired by my daughter playing Buddy Holly by Weezer. She listened to the song for the first time and played along. Rhythmic pounding Beats in time Par-a-diddle Alternating sticks She pounds out the beat Hit Strike Sticks in hand 1,2,3,4 counts A drummer's soul Dwells inside Her heart beats the counts Of that drummer's … Continue reading Drummer Girl

Stone Hearts

Stone hearts And stoic faces Bodies moving Unfamiliar places Trying to adjust Appearing to fit in Harboring inside What can’t be shared at all Internally digesting Events that make you cringe Knowing that it’s yours to keep Preserving classification Your privacy in tact No one privileged enough To get through the external hallowed out remains … Continue reading Stone Hearts