Revised: An Empty Love Letter

I just revised this poem. I revised it because after reading it with fresh eyes I realized that it needed something else, it needed a facelift, a poetic facelift.

I am going to try and practice what I learned at The Martha’s Vineyard Institute of CreativeWriting.

I was fortunate enough to attend this program a few weeks ago and I learned so much.

I came home with a new found enthusiasm to work on my poetry and short stories. So this is my first revision of an old post.

via An Empty Love Letter

Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices.

Notice the recurring theme!

Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on.

Let’s Share: Lisa St. John

You ever meet anyone who you instantly connect with? Someone who is amazing, happy and authentic. That is Lisa, I met her at a writer’s conference over the weekend and I cannot begin to tell you how kind she is. She touched my heart with her generosity and sincerity.

Check out her blog.

Oh, and her poetry because it is beautiful.

Let’s Share: Mary Beth

I made a new friend at a conference I attended over the weekend. Please stop by her and visit her blog. She was absolutely delightful and kind. She definitely had an infectious smile.

Happy Monday!


Take Heed

take heed to my warning
as the hour draws near
when darkness returns
then witches appear

light of the flame
burns wickedly bright
consuming your life

call forth friends of the night
goblins and demons
come forth to my feet
ghastly night crawlers
reaching up through the ground
at my feet
absorbing my life
they’re coming for me

take heed of my warning
when darkness draws near



Her Eyes

In her eyes
The sadness hid
If you looked hard enough
You could see
The unresolved pain that lingered
Somewhere inside
The daily struggles she’s endured
The tears that are held back
Occasionally, they overflow.

In her eyes she hid her life,
She covered it in sin
While smiling for the world at large.

Beyond her eyes; a mystery
You never knew
Of the secret misery

The pain she felt
She hid it well
Veiling herself

It spilled over here and there
But quickly she
Contained it all again

Put it away
Held it inside

Captivate the world

It wasn’t that she didn’t feel
She was just too numb from it all

No one cared enough to see into that pain
No cared enough to look
Deep inside her eyes.

Behind her eyes
She hid the torment
Smiling through it all

If she let you look into her eyes
You just might catch a glimpse
Of what she hides so well

A fragile little girl
Who was broken down by life
And beat up by hurt

The woman whose wings were tied down
A woman who broke free into the world

A woman who discovered the value of life
A woman who learned her self-worth
With a confident stride
A phoenix born again
From the flames that consumed her

Inside her eyes
If you tried to look hard enough
You can see the world she’s made

When you look inside
Past the mirrored gaze
Beyond the looking glass
Inside her very soul.

The past

The past comes sweeping in like a ton of bricks to the face, with reminiscent thoughts of nostalgic feelings that take you away into your memories. The past comes sweeping in- a bird in flight, talons stretched grabbing your mind and carrying you away- the past comes sweeping in.

The past changes your future when it happened.

The past tense of life- you lived it once, a moment in time- your taken aback as the memories come flooding in from the past.

I Can’t Think of Anything Else to Say

I can’t think of anything else to say.
My words just fade away.
Opening my mouth as nothing comes out.
I stare into the world with my empty dreams.
Days go by and life goes on.
Fading into darkness and I fall into despair.
Waiting in the night.
Reminiscing in my mind, I fall back and hide away.
Crawl into myself.

Safe-inside myself.

I Can’t Remember

I can’t remember if I said, “Hello!”
But I know I said, “Goodbye!”

I countered all your lies with stories of the times.
You told me once, I asked you twice
It never equal out.

And the I left, I walked away.
I will not hear your lies.
You said, “Don’t go.”
I said, “Next time please don’t lie.”

I know it all.

You and her-
“I know it all.”
The last words I said to you.

I packed my bags and left you there.
I walked away brand new.

Those words you said I heard them all-

I can’t remember everything;
But I will always recall those lies.

I hope the next one doesn’t learn the truth of all your lies.
I hope she doesn’t feel the pain of your betrayal in her heart.
I hope that you can really learn to really love just one.