Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices.

Notice the recurring theme!

Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on.

I Can’t Think of Anything Else to Say

I can’t think of anything else to say.
My words just fade away.
Opening my mouth as nothing comes out.
I stare into the world with my empty dreams.
Days go by and life goes on.
Fading into darkness and I fall into despair.
Waiting in the night.
Reminiscing in my mind, I fall back and hide away.
Crawl into myself.

Safe-inside myself.


I can’t –
Describe it anymore

I can’t –
feel it anymore

And I clearly can’t remember what it’s like –

Numb and void into the core
I just don’t know where it went
I stare and watch
The shallow shells of emotionless beings
As they walk around
Sounds escape from their lips
Toxic poisons in the air
Their words become a meaningless slur of lyrics
Amid the noise pollution all around

I can’t understand-

I just don’t know what happened
and I simply don’t feel the same-

Don’t Drive Off Track

Don’t drive off track.
Keep moving forward and never look back
Keep your eyes on the road;
In front of you
Never loose sight-
Keep moving forward-

Don’t drive off track
Don’t turn the wheel;
Hands at 10 and 2
Eyes affixed,
Stay on the road.
Who knows what you’ll find,
Straight ahead of you;

Don’t take a chance.
Look straight ahead-
Stay on your path

Don’t Drive off track