I Can’t Remember

I can’t remember if I said, “Hello!”
But I know I said, “Goodbye!”

I countered all your lies with stories of the times.
You told me once, I asked you twice
It never equal out.

And the I left, I walked away.
I will not hear your lies.
You said, “Don’t go.”
I said, “Next time please don’t lie.”

I know it all.

You and her-
“I know it all.”
The last words I said to you.

I packed my bags and left you there.
I walked away brand new.

Those words you said I heard them all-

I can’t remember everything;
But I will always recall those lies.

I hope the next one doesn’t learn the truth of all your lies.
I hope she doesn’t feel the pain of your betrayal in her heart.
I hope that you can really learn to really love just one.

The Apple

I’m the Eve- of your destruction
Embrace the passion of desire

Bite on through forbidden fruit
Blinding all your senses
While arousing these sensations
Desires unfold
The dangers of lust
Pervasive urges emerge
Consuming each other raw
Coercing the mind

Emulating affection
Bite into the apple
Satisfy your craving
Then wait
As it rots with lust