Revised: An Empty Love Letter

I just revised this poem. I revised it because after reading it with fresh eyes I realized that it needed something else, it needed a facelift, a poetic facelift.

I am going to try and practice what I learned at The Martha’s Vineyard Institute of CreativeWriting.

I was fortunate enough to attend this program a few weeks ago and I learned so much.

I came home with a new found enthusiasm to work on my poetry and short stories. So this is my first revision of an old post.

via An Empty Love Letter

Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices.

Notice the recurring theme!

Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on.

Let’s Share: Lisa St. John

You ever meet anyone who you instantly connect with? Someone who is amazing, happy and authentic. That is Lisa, I met her at a writer’s conference over the weekend and I cannot begin to tell you how kind she is. She touched my heart with her generosity and sincerity.

Check out her blog.

Oh, and her poetry because it is beautiful.

Let’s Share: Mary Beth

I made a new friend at a conference I attended over the weekend. Please stop by her and visit her blog. She was absolutely delightful and kind. She definitely had an infectious smile.

Happy Monday!


Slow Days

There are some days that just drag on and on without any end in sight.

Is this statement dramatic? YUP! After all I am permitted, on occasion, to be extreme. What would life be without sporadic embellishments?

I am consumed by, well — at the moment nothing. I oft think about everything all at once with no end in sight. Typically, my mind runs off creating a series of many things while trying to maintain some semblance of sanity through the chaos.

As of late my mind is quiet.

The storm has quieted, quit, left, dispersed even.

The days seem slower and a little longer, but before I know it—it’s tomorrow.

Slow but quick —this my friends is what I am going to call an oxymoron-juxtaposing-phrase! And that is how I am quantifying the whole of my existences at the moment. The day goes on and then, changes with the blink of an eye, but continuously drags throughout time.

This too shall pass.

All things in life pass, everything changes , nothing is ever as it was before. Slow days pass too, they become fleeting moments when least expected.

Now, don’t get me wrong I rather enjoy this slow pace and thoughtless mind.

There was  a point in my life I was constantly on the go. Always doing something, running my kids here and there and I kept busy, so busy that I stressed myself out. That is the routine that all of us are trained to adhere to.  I was convinced that my life was supposed to be like that. I think we all think that we are supposed to be so busy that you should never have free time.

Somehow we believe that free time is bad.

I realize now that free time is what we all need. Slow days give you time to realize that our lives are insignificant fleeting moments in time. We should not waste the moments pretending, analyzing, rushing around, scheduling time with friend and overworking ourselves into the ground.

Be happy, silly, immature and love those who mean something to you because, in the end, we are all worm food. It does not matter if your casket is made of solid gold or a wooden box eventually your flesh will rot away and so will mine.

One day I will slowly return to the Earth and I don’t want to do so overworked and stressed. I want to know that I slowed down just enough to watch my daughters grow and laugh with them. I want to keep building memories with those who mean something to me and I am going to create my own way against the current of popular belief.

Enjoy every slow day you get!





Anger festers deep within
Is your cage-

Holding on to you

All alone-
Pushing away those who draw near.

Pain remains;
Darkness grows.
You’re consuming it whole.

Damaging darkness prevails.

The harsh heated hatred takes hold.

Isolated feelings remain.

Battling the light that shines on through your night;

Smothering it to darkness-

A constant battle ensues.
Struggling to remain;
The light won’t prevail.

At odds with it all.

Alone in thought.

Drowning within.

Isolation remains.


And so it ended…
Those words still rang inside.
As the audience made their way through the exit doors
The lobby is full
As patrons explore –

I find a spot
To sit back and just watch.

Look around
Watch what they do.

The same moment of time
Each living their own.

That girl over there by the coffee…
she’s alone-
Searching for companions –
She sees an old friend-
Her glowing smile it grows.

She walks over to him-
They talk for a bit;
Then her smile it fades
As more girls start to appear.

Then I see that one boy, that the girls love to spot;
Oh how they flock to his presence in awe
One girl; two girls; three girls
Are ogling- god
Playing with their hair and batting their eyes;
He flashes a smile
They all melt inside…
One girl; two girls; three girls in awe.

I Sit back and I laugh-
I’ve seen it all.

That girl and guy.
The cutest thing all night.
Simple and round with a honest good smile-
The girl
Intriguing with porcelain ivory skin –
Reddish brown
With her ponytail and bangs-
Both of them together made a cute number 10.
They talked to each other
And laughed right out loud
They just looked at each other-
With love in their eyes.

Then I blink-

Back to my reality-

Just looking around.

There was the stud,
That lost girl,
And the number 10.

Everyone else, and me by myself…

These Thoughts

I am sorry if I offend.
They’re just thoughts in my head.
I cannot please you all 

and I will offend a few.

The thoughts-they transgress.
In my mind they occur-
Inspired by life.
These thoughts in my head they might offend-
Am I sorry?
No I’m not
These thoughts in my head come from the things I see.
Inspired by my reality-
Expressed through rhyme and scheme.
These thoughts in my head-
if they offend…

Take Heed

take heed to my warning
as the hour draws near
when darkness returns
then witches appear

light of the flame
burns wickedly bright
consuming your life

call forth friends of the night
goblins and demons
come forth to my feet
ghastly night crawlers
reaching up through the ground
at my feet
absorbing my life
they’re coming for me

take heed of my warning
when darkness draws near



Pen Pals

Let’s start writing letters again. We should write, not type an email, but write a letter etched with sentiment, thoughts and statements.

A handwritten letter that tells tales of life and events that happened as interpreted by a mind. I can’t recall the last time some one sent me a letter penned by their own hand…

16 years ago my friend moved away. She moved to Texas and we would write letters to stay in touch. We didn’t have cell phones with texting or easy access to Internet (remember Dial-up). So we wrote letters back and forth, I looked forward to those letters.

The excitement of receiving mail and anxiously awaiting its arrival. I remember  deciphering the handwriting and then formulating my thoughts for the response.

Why don’t we write letters anymore?
Why don’t we engage with people on an emotional level anymore?
It takes a lot more effort to write a letter than to type sup? hey or WYD?

I guess no one is worth the effort anymore. It seems as though technology has dulled our senses, stifled our imagination and hindered our ability to wait for a response. This is a travesty, well in my mind it is.

Have you ever talked to someone and realized that nothing is coming out of their mouth. Their words just spew forth, filled with superficial, shallow and neutral commentary that expresses nothing at all. I find myself at odds sometimes trying to fit in to a world that has lost meaning and strives for instant gratification. I find solace and comfort when I am alone with my thoughts, in a thoughtless world.

I find that I want an old fashioned pen pal to pen a response.