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I Have to Write a Bio…

I have to write a bio for a scholarship that I received. I am nervous about writing it. Honestly, I have a hard time talking about myself. I try to hide in the shadows and avoid being seen. but writing a bio forces me out of the shadow. In the shadows I can be anything… Continue reading I Have to Write a Bio…

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Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices. Notice the recurring theme! Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on. https://youtu.be/Mq86e4Fhja0 https://youtu.be/T6QKqFPRZSA https://youtu.be/-CPCs7vVz6s

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Let’s Share: Mary Beth

I made a new friend at a conference I attended over the weekend. Please stop by her and visit her blog. She was absolutely delightful and kind. She definitely had an infectious smile. Happy Monday! https://mbcoudal.com/about/  

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Reading and Daughters

I should write some more. I think about the things I should be writing but I have yet to actually write anything. I may be over thinking everything in my life right now, there really isn't much going on other than reading books and hanging out with my daughters. I finally graduated in May. It… Continue reading Reading and Daughters

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What Happens?

What happens after the eyes meet? The soul speaks And the mind connects Capturing the moment of intensity. What happens when the lips touch? Sparks begin to fly The world spins on its head Your legs feel weak Your breath subsides. Then your body craves his touch? Quivering with excitement Your mind races ahead Feeling… Continue reading What Happens?

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We Are Not Really There At All

I had an epiphany! I am going to delete Facebook. A few weeks ago I made this decision since I found myself spending way too much time scrolling through a news feed of irrelevant information; countless connections and intrusions into personal lives of people that I really did not know.  Then there was the FB… Continue reading We Are Not Really There At All

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I fell a few times before Unsure of how to get up again I lost my balance Wavering through life Trying to figure out where to place my feet down next I fell through the whole of existence I met myself in resistance I played my hand one more time Rolled the dice and tried… Continue reading Fall

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Not A Movie Review

I went to see La La Land as it was playing at a theater close to home. I was dazzled by this flashy musical. It was complete with cheesy quips and references to  The Golden Age of Hollywood.  Classic Hollywood infused with a modern day twist  (Let's not forget the Prius’) . It portrayed a nostalgic… Continue reading Not A Movie Review

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Anger festers deep within Sorrow Is your cage- Holding on to you All alone- Pushing away those who draw near. Pain remains; Darkness grows. You're consuming it whole. Damaging darkness prevails. The harsh heated hatred takes hold. Isolated feelings remain. Battling the light that shines on through your night; Smothering it to darkness- A constant battle… Continue reading Isolated