The Past Resides in Yesterday

The past resides in yesterday
A memory fades away
Time keeps moving forward,
As the future lives tomorrow.
Like the steady beating of a drum,
Tick-tock, tick-tock, it moves on.
Every second, every minute, every hour moving all the time
The past resides in yesterday
That memory will fade
And future ones will unfold with the passing of each day

Don’t Drive Off Track

Don’t drive off track.
Keep moving forward and never look back
Keep your eyes on the road;
In front of you
Never loose sight-
Keep moving forward-

Don’t drive off track
Don’t turn the wheel;
Hands at 10 and 2
Eyes affixed,
Stay on the road.
Who knows what you’ll find,
Straight ahead of you;

Don’t take a chance.
Look straight ahead-
Stay on your path

Don’t Drive off track