Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices.

Notice the recurring theme!

Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on.

ALERT: Book Recommendation!

If you have not read everyone’s a aliebn when you’re a aliebn too I wholeheartedly recommend that you pick up a copy and read it. This a heartwarming tale. A book that takes all of 30 minutes to read. This book explores life, death, love, happiness, sadness, humility, acceptance, how to make friends and what a friend is.

It is witty, fun, sentimental and quite humorous.

If you have 30 minutes in your day I promise that you will be so happy that you read this book.

In Passing

In passing-
you walked on by without a word,
moved away so stealthily- swiftly moved and out of sight;
careening on your route.

I moved on by,
afraid to speak- for fear you’d laugh at me;
I thought I might break my flight;
and ask you words out loud,
Alas, I choked-
I turned away.

Silence just remains.

The Huntress & The Wolf

The lone wolf
Sits upon the hearth;
And as the huntress nears-
She smells his scent
So raw and fierce,
It seeps into her pores.

Surrounded by the dark night
She dwells,
She waits,
She sets the bait,
Patiently awaits.

The bait is caught-
Between his jaws
He clamps down hard
Bites on through;
Tastes the blood
He leaves a mark;
Ignoring what he’s done.

The huntress strikes.
The wolf he fights,
Fleeing in the night.

He’s run away
Scared to bout
The huntress made her mark.

Another day
She waits again.
Knowing night will come.

When it does
She has a plan
She will not let him free.

The huntress waits-

While the wolf remains-
A passing mystery.

What Happens?

What happens after the eyes meet?
The soul speaks
And the mind connects
Capturing the moment of intensity.

What happens when the lips touch?
Sparks begin to fly
The world spins on its head
Your legs feel weak
Your breath subsides.

Then your body craves his touch?
Quivering with excitement
Your mind races ahead
Feeling the moment as it takes you away.

What happens
Eyes meet
And lips touch
As our bodies’ do connect

And then…
What happens when…

Let’s Find a Place

Let us find a place

To be alone

Where we can hide away
From gazing eyes

A please where you can hug my curves
Touch my body
Spread my thighs
Taste my flesh
Feel our warmth
As you plunge inside

Let’s find a place to be alone

His Silhouette Moved Her Way

His silhouette slowly moved her way.
Defined features of masculinity
Crawled upon her body-
Slowly and securely-
He laid her back on to the bed
Caressed her face
Then kissed her gently-
Teased her body slightly.

Positioned in between her thighs-
He ran his along her leg
Stroking her thighs
Then grabbing her hips.
The passionate desires-
Heat up their bodies
Their loins swelled with intention

Heavy panting ensues
As they kiss and embrace
He enters her body
Moaning escapes
Entering slowly

Orgasmic paradise renewed
Primitive sensations
Uncontrollable jolting
Vibrations arise
Escaping their bodies with every drip