Music Monday’s

I forgot it was Monday and that I should be sharing some music. In the spirit of this weekend-here are my choices.

Notice the recurring theme!

Because I am a queen that thing goes on-and-on.

Allow me

Give me a chance to entice you.
A moment of seduction is all I need.
Sweep you away towards intrigue
Let my desires drink from you.

Settle towards these yearnings
Consent – the pleasures of our sin.

Electrified sensations of flesh
Pulsating urges of orgasm

Liberating wails of excitement
Escape your cursed lips.

Allow me this moment of seduction

A moment to tempt your skin-
Lure you inside the hole
The sweetest fuck you’ll know.

His Silhouette Moved Her Way

His silhouette slowly moved her way.
Defined features of masculinity
Crawled upon her body-
Slowly and securely-
He laid her back on to the bed
Caressed her face
Then kissed her gently-
Teased her body slightly.

Positioned in between her thighs-
He ran his along her leg
Stroking her thighs
Then grabbing her hips.
The passionate desires-
Heat up their bodies
Their loins swelled with intention

Heavy panting ensues
As they kiss and embrace
He enters her body
Moaning escapes
Entering slowly

Orgasmic paradise renewed
Primitive sensations
Uncontrollable jolting
Vibrations arise
Escaping their bodies with every drip