The Struggle to Remain

I recall – so long ago;
When I thought- things would change.
When you and I would make it through,
The times that tried our ties and broke our lives.

I wondered when the words would come,
To make all those things right.

I never knew it wasn’t so,
And we couldn’t push on through.

Holding on by fingertips,
Hanging from a cliff,
Off the ledge we swung
Struggling to remain.
We tried and pleaded to save this life,
We fought to hold on tight.

We couldn’t win the battles
That arose within the night.

The times were gone- when we shared it all,
And we couldn’t save our love.

We grew apart;
Then changed our hearts.
Our love had slid away.

It’s time to leave our love behind,
Begin a new life too.
Without remorse we pack our things to leave the home we made.

We walk on out and say “Goodbye,” then go our separate ways.

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