Dear Lady Liberty

Dear Lady Liberty,

As you stand in the harbor watching over our nation, I imagine the tears falling down your face. I imagine your heart has been broken by the problems we have created. I imagine that as you are standing in the harbor you are watching how we systematically kill your children.  Today, you are the figure of a mother burying her children.

We will destroy the liberty and freedom we fought to create over the years. Strides were made for the people of this country and then all of a sudden we are regressing. We continue to marginalize groups of people because they are different.

We have forgotten our past and ignored our history. We have tried to erase it. We have ignored the wound which is infected, and I apologize, Lady Liberty. I apologize for not taking care of your children and not valuing the worth of the idea of freedom and liberty.

I apologize for the lack of effort to promote unity.

I am sorry.

I will apologize to you when the rest of the nation is in turmoil. I apologize while everyone else ignores that movements and moments start at home.

I have hope that we learn how to respect our differences. I hope that we will not forget our past. I hope, that we learn how to improve our future. My hope is that as a nation, we figure out how to move forward together.

I hope that as the turmoil subsides that we learn that we all must be part of the solution and that sitting by is no longer an option. I hope that we learn that small actions matter just as much and large ones.  My hope is that we realize that change starts within and the only way to defeat hate is by promoting acceptance.

Let us not forget the harsh truth of our past. Let us not forget the hurt and pain we have faced as a nation. Let us not forget how you, Lady Liberty, witnessed how we, as a nation, have built ourselves up by oppression. You have seen how we beat down our poor and have taken from others to build this American identity—an American identity which spans beyond the white skin or brown skin or yellow skin or tan skin, that any one of us possess. Our history is ugly, but our future can be great. Our present should not be the moment in that we are trying to rewind the clock.

Lady Liberty, I hope that you can dry your eyes in the harbor soon enough. All is not lost but these are trying times.

I have hope that I will leave a better nation to my children, to your children and all children.

I hope that we take back the power that we have been given as citizens and exercise our rights.

An American


6 thoughts on “Dear Lady Liberty

  1. Delia, my pleasure and I comment on what I believe is true, honest, and has a unique voice, that often deeply recognizes the human condition with clarity and beauty. Your writing, poetry, often does that exceptionally well! Karen 🙂

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