Music: When It Speaks

Every now and again we hear these songs that resonate within and Last Hope by Paramore is one of those for me. “It’s enough to keep me going” the words hit me at a time when I just couldn’t figure out which way to go. On a day when I knew I had to keep moving forward. Hey sometimes “It’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going (so if I let go of control now I can be strong) and when it’s dark out no one’s around it keeps glowing.” Because we become numb “And the salt in my wounds isn’t burning anymore than it used to. It’s not that I don’t feel the pain it’s just I’m not afraid of hurting anymore.” Then we realize we “gotta let it happen.” So when I lay my head down “Every night I try my best to dream that tomorrow makes it better, I wake up to the cold reality that not a thing has changed.” But we have to hold on to that LAST HOPE, no matter how dark it gets or how hard, HOPE keeps you moving forward.


Sometimes; we just have to hold on to that hope.

Listen, enjoy, and share your favs!

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