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Releasing Writing Fears

I like writing but I am hesitant about sharing. Self-doubt, apprehension, and fear continuously rear their putrid heads over and over again.  The self-doubt and apprehension lead me to write. In part, I believe that this is an oxymoron because the fear and apprehension should make me run from the craft.

The exploration of my language leaves me at a loss sometimes. I am lost in my thoughts and words— constantly. I am lost in observation and I am lost in the wonderment of exploration. I can explore the darkest thoughts of my mind and create something truly unique or I can create a poem that embraces every romantic idea I have ever come across and yet somehow, I feel it’s never good enough.

It’s not good enough so it’s not worth sharing.

I have so many creations, characters, and plots that are begging for exposure.

They haunt my thoughts daily.

They chase me down dark damp dreary desolate corridors.

They rush to the forefront seeking the spotlight in the world. They long to enter the minds of others and leave behind an impression of existence.

And, then, there is me.

I stand in the way of everything. I place myself between the world and my words.

Is this intentional sabotage or uncertainty? It may be both.

So I have decided to make myself uncomfortable!   I am trying to share more, I am seeking exposure, albeit, baby steps but nonetheless steps in the WRITE direction.

The first thing I did was enter a poetry contest. This forced me to create and compile a collection of my poetry. A total of 51 poems which explore my love of poetry by exploring the concepts of identity, love, sex, fear, torment, nature, and any other experience of the human existence I could muster up from the left and right hemispheres of my brain.

I am also going to continue my novel, a multi-cultural contemporary romance novel sprinkled with history. The book explores the harsh realities of love, loss, grief, trauma, history and there is the possibility of happiness (this is still to be determined).

And—for my last trick there are these short stories I have been working on. Sorted little tales I take the most pleasure in writing.

I am exploring the world of writing, my world of writing. I am going to take the time and cultivate my craft and figure out what I will do with it in the next few months.

I invite you to share your writing fears, inhibitions or apprehensions. Expose them, explore them then release them.


37 thoughts on “Releasing Writing Fears

  1. Delia, you are a gifted writer. What makes you think that other writers are better than you? That is not true – not at all! Fear is the bane of human existence – so banish it from your thoughts. I am thrilled that you have submitted your poetry to a poetry contest! Wonderful. I am also excited about your book. The romance, history, trauma, grief, pain, and diversity in your writing is so relevant in today’s environment. So keep writing. It is important for others to read and learn about it. A really good book always as a moral imperative and your book will have it in abundance. Karen 🙂

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    1. Aww! Thank you Karen! I responded to the contact you sent me several weeks ago, but I am not sure if you received it. Thank you so much for being so supportive. You’re the writing ray of sunshine!

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      1. You are welcome, Delia, and more so – because what I said is so true, more than you realize at this time. Also, I love you new picture that is beautiful and studious at the same time! A winning combination! Great! On a side note, no, I did not get any contact comment from you, but, that does not surprise because, I had to get a new computer, so much was lost during that time period and that is why. I hope you had a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving! Karen 🙂

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      2. Same to you! I look forward to getting back into the groove of things. Now I have to come up with another stellar blog post… The pressure is on! 🙂 ❤ Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful as well!

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  2. I think I have wandered a few times in some of those corridors…
    I know that you know there is no solution, no antidote, no medicine, no magic to handle all those second thoughts…
    I’m know that you know that the adventure is to keep all the first thoughts right up front in your mind, and keep working on writing them,
    and write the truth, and write it in your own beautiful way…
    the rest is gravy!
    …but of course, you know that

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    1. Rick that was beautiful! I know that I am going to get lost in those corridors and conjure up a boiling cauldron of mischievous fun…. Happy writing dear friend!


  3. Quite a heart felt post. From my understanding, that is KEY to successful writing/blogging/posting.
    May I suggest you take the ‘pressure off’ of you. ? Writing should be felt/loved/created and never ‘forced/pressured/struggled with. Written from the heart, with compassion…. like you just did. 😀
    Your book…. I feel, There should always be the possibility of… or the reality rather, of happiness… that’s my vote. Aren’t you feeling happiness about following your passion of writing? Doesn’t that feel good inside? That (for me) is what is important in life… that ”feeling of joy”. I believe that is what opens the doors to opportunities.

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    1. Thank you for your response. I enjoy my writing, it is just that sometimes I feel stuck! I keep hearing that some of the best writing comes from the unexposed crevasses of life. I believe that is true.

      As for my book… we will have to wait and see but I do take into consideration all suggestions! 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on Branching Out and commented:
    Wanted to share this wonderful and encouraging post of following ones passion and doing what they love. This is truly THE best time to be letting go of self doubt and taking responsibility for ourselves. We each know what makes us happy, now is the time to DO and BE happy.

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  5. My heart says, “You go, girl!”, and my mind says, “You are doing the right thing. Baby steps, one foot in front of the other. Each step is a brass key.” Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

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  6. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    Releasing Writing Fears
    Sharing fears of self-doubt, apprehension, and feeling that maybe no one will like my book anyway or am I making a fool of myself for thinking I could be a great writer one day. However, through dialogue with other writers, we soon discover that most of us have the same fears, as Delia so clearly writes about on her blog.

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  7. Don’t give up! You don’t wanna end up like me! =D =(
    Thank you for posting this, it’s easy to forget we all share the same fears, no matter our paths or obsessions. I’m sure if you hold on a little more, true greatness awaits! Stand on those tippy-toes and reach for it!

    (I suppose I’ll try, too.)

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and my friend told me “if you write it they will read it.” I believe everyone has some fear of failure but the only failure is allowing the fear to take over and stop you from doing what you are meant to do.

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